Attention Biz Owners: If you are ready to rock your business this year keep reading.

Been in business for a while, but ready to ramp it up?
Thinking about starting a new business,
but not sure what to do first?
Now is the time to get the tools and strategies you need to start and grow your business

If your business is between 0-3 years old this program was created just for you!


Start & Grow Your Biz is a 4-Month In-Person + Virtual Training Program designed especially for biz owners in the early stages of starting and growing their businesses.

successsignGet game changing training and support for your business from Women Inspiring Women Founder & Visionary Leslie Sturgeon and Small Biz Marketing Director Ally Piper. These two successful biz owners have stood in your shoes. Learn from their mistakes, varied experience and combined wisdom (30+ years in biz!) while you transform your business in just four months during a NEW special training program for women (guys welcome too!). Plus benefit from peer support and feedback from fellow biz owners.

It all begins Tuesday, April 9

Start & Grow My Biz Schedule

The program features four in-person events held in Manchester, NH and five virtual training sessions via phone.

In-Person Events

9 am – 12:30 pm in Manchester, NH

April 9

April 30

May 21

June 11

BONUS – Join us for an optional working lunch (dutch treat) following each in-person event for additional networking, conversation and brainstorming with fellow biz owners.

Virtual Training Sessions*

1-2 pm via phone from the comfort of your home or office

April 16

May 7

May 28

June 18

July 16

*All sessions will be recorded and available for download!

PLUS Additional Support to Help You Succeed

  • Tools, templates, worksheets and more!
  • 15-Minute Getting Started call with Ally & Leslie before the program begins
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 15-Minute private Strategy Session call with Leslie & Ally during the program
  • Hot Seat opportunities for additional feedback and growth


Meet Your Mentors
Successful biz owners with 30+ years experience in biz who have stood in your shoes. Together they bring unique perspectives, bright ideas, a knowledge of what works and strategies for success.

Leslie - Pink(1)Leslie Sturgeon
Hailed as one of New Hampshire’s “Outstanding Women in Business” by NH Business Review, Leslie Sturgeon is a tireless leader of women in New Hampshire. Her organization, Women Inspiring Women, brings women together for empowerment, motivation, personal development, business resources, networking and a whole lot of fun. WIW is now recognized as the largest women’s group in the Granite State. Leslie is also a serial entrepreneur, having started her first business at the age of 22. Her entire career has been spent encouraging women to identify their goals and dreams, motivating them to take bold actions and then celebrating their success – whether it is to start a business, change careers, have more meaningful relationships or live the life they have always dreamed about. It is because of this commitment, that Leslie was named as the 2009 Women in Business Champion by the NH Small Business Administration and received two Gubernatorial Citations from NH Governor John Lynch. She sees the potential in every NH woman and gives them the tools and resources to enhance their lives.

AllyPiper_250Ally Piper
Ally Piper helps small biz owners pull the spaghetti off the wall and create a business that works… on their terms. With 10+ years experience running and managing marketing for successful 6- and 7-figure businesses and nonprofits, she has been on the ground-floor involved in all that it takes to get a business noticed from designing marketing materials and plotting out marketing campaigns to building websites and planning events. She has been called a “unique blend of highly creative marketing guru and clear-headed manager of budgets and timeframes” and is known for turning napkin notes into business and marketing plans that bring the big picture into focus with achievable steps and results.


Session1Business Essentials

All the right techniques, tools and tips to help your biz succeed behind the scenes

If you want to rock your biz you need to have a solid foundation and tools in place to help you run your business. Consider this session an accelerated Small Biz 101 course packed into one group meeting where we cover all the essentials necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Curious if you should register as an LLC or sole-proprietorship?  Wondering how to structure your business? We’ll answer these questions and more. Plus we’ll share how to Think and Act like a CEO.


Session2Find People Who Need Your Biz

Develop a tribe of raving fans who love to buy from and recommend you

Successful marketing is all about people. Unfortunately, too many small business owners don’t ever figure out exactly who the right people (aka target market/clients/customers) are for their business. Instead, they waste time and money marketing to the wrong people. To be able to market your business effectively you must have a solid understanding on where you fit within the marketplace. You must know why someone would purchase from you versus someone else down the street (on online at another URL). This session is all about, finding your ideal prospects, customers and clients.



Your Message, Products & Services

Craft the right message and sought-after products and services

If you aren’t speaking the language of your people they aren’t listening. Do you have a 30 second elevator speech that turns heads and gets people asking for more? Marketing your business is all about telling your story in an engaging way that gets people to listen. Craft what you offer your people to create the products and services they have been asking for. Learn how to create packages and offers packed with value.



Session4Up the Ante:  Get More Clients/Customers

Strategies to Fill Your Biz with Ideal Prospects & Paying Customers

You know who they are, and you know what to say, now it is time to get your people’s attention and get your first or next few clients/customers. These important relationships must be cherished, nurtured and leveraged properly to grow your business. Did you know it costs 5 times more to find and land a new client than it does to nurture your relationship with an existing client. Lean how to ensure you’re following up with your prospects and making your current client feel special.


Session5Branding & Marketing Essentials

Stand Out From the Crowd: Position You and Your Business for Success

Now that you know who you’re trying to reach it’s easier to create a brand and marketing materials that connect. A branded business has impact. During this session dedicated to branding & marketing your business we will discuss the common branding mistakes most business owners make, essential marketing materials and big impact ways to market your biz. We’ll also discuss how to integrate your personal and professional brand and why every business needs brand guidelines. If you’re looking for high-impact, low-investment strategies you won’t be disappointed.


Session6Show Me The Money

A profit plan for growth

When you’re in business for yourself it is hard to avoid the numbers. Yet many biz owners find it normal to live in complete money chaos. After this session, chaos is no longer an option.  We’ll begin with sales strategies and how to ask for the sale without feeling icky. We’ll take a close look at your numbers (income and expenses) and develop a profit plan for your business. Together we’ll craft a biz and marketing budget and set money goals to help you achieve growth.


Session7Planning to Reach Your Goals

Create a Step-by-Step Action Plan to Grow Your Biz

Using the information we have gathered so far we’re now ready to dive in and start pulling together your biz & marketing plan. We’ll discuss your overall marketing strategy, set business goals and share Ally’s failsafe method for ongoing planning and growth. With your plan in place, we’ll create a step-by-step action plan that helps you get out there and get noticed. When you are finished this week all you will have to do is follow the plan you developed as your personal roadmap to success.


Session8Streamline Your Biz

Automate, Delegate, Systematize and Master Your Time Management Skills

Successful entrepreneurs don’t do anything twice.  Why are you constantly recreating the wheel? With your plan in place it is easy to set up marketing systems that make marketing easy, fun and automated. And the right team members make all the difference. Stop wearing all the hats in your business and get help in the areas you need it so you can focus on what you do best.


Session9Keep Rocking It

How to maintain your momentum for small biz success

To grow your business effectively, you never stop marketing. Instead you make adjustments along the way and enjoy an ongoing harvest. Once you stop marketing, you start losing business. Not only how you operate your business, but also what you think about it and the actions you take, make the difference between a floundering or thriving business.  This final session will be dedicated to wrapping up and answering your questions so you can get the specific answers to any issues that have come up during our time together. Get feedback and tips to help keep rocking your biz.



By registering for the Rock My Biz program you’ll also receive extra resources to help you succeed.

  • Goal Setting Audio Lesson
  • Biz & Marketing Automation Tools Resource Guide
  • Marketing Action Planner Digital Edition (printed edition available at discount)
  • Discounted ticket to Women Inspiring Women Business Conference (May 17 in Bedford, NH)
  • Free ad in WIW Newsletter (*dates subject to availability)
  • Plus some extra special surprises we have up our sleeves! Hey everyone likes a good surprise :)


Why Join?

The Start & Grow My Biz program is designed for business owners whose business is between 0-3 years old.  The four-month program combines education, brainstorming, collaboration, inspiration, accountability and support.

Fellow program members serve as peer support (like your own advisory panel!) who can be totally objective and together a community is formed, full of cheerleaders, with lots of resources and connections being shared.

Sharing ideas across industries helps one another to succeed. This creates an environment where everyone can be truly vulnerable to learn and grow. It is a non-judgmental group. The atmosphere of shared accountability with peers is profoundly powerful in achieving goals.


Start & Grow My Biz Program Overview

Here is everything you’ll receive by participating in this program.

  • 4 in-person live events in Manchester, NH
  • 5 virtual training sessions
  • Virtual training session recordings
  • Success Materials – Tools, Templates, Worksheets & More!
  • 15-Minute Getting Started call with Ally & Leslie before the program begins
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 15-Minute private Strategy Session call with Leslie & Ally during the program
  • Hot Seat opportunities for additional feedback and growth
    • BONUS Goal Setting Audio Lesson
    • BONUS Biz & Marketing Automation Tools Resource Guide
    • BONUS Marketing Action Planner Digital Edition (printed edition available at discount)
    • BONUS Discounted ticket to Women Inspiring Women Business Conference (May 17 in Bedford, NH)
    • BONUS Free ad in WIW Newsletter (*dates subject to availability)


Joining the Start & Grow My Biz program is an investment in yourself and your biz. We developed this program together because quite frankly we wish there had been something like this when we were in the beginning stages of our businesses. Instead we had to do it all on our own. We made a lot of mistakes and at times it was very isolating with no mentors or biz buddies to turn to for advice or support.

We don’t want you to make the same mistakes. You can start and grow your business with not only our training and support, but a group of like-minded biz owners cheering you on along the way.

We wanted to make this program accessible and affordable for biz owners who truly need our help. Which is why all four months of the Start & Grow My Biz program is only $497! Plus register early or bring along a biz buddy and you’ll save even more!




Bring A Biz Buddy AND SAVE!

There is nothing like attending a really great workshop/event/class or conference and having someone to share it with you. Register a friend for the Start & Grow My Biz program to share the experience with you and SAVE! Biz buddy tickets are only $297! This offer is limited to one biz buddy per attendee.

Questions? We’re happy to answer your questions about this program and if it might be right for you. Email Ally at or Leslie at

We can’t wait to help you start and grow your biz!

Ally & Leslie